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Welcome to the Revised Keukaview Photography Website.


At long last we are updating this site. It will take some time to complete the job........probably much of the winter. When the task is finished we will have a complete update of our image collection and portfolio, with updated topical slide shows. and a shopping cart.

In the meantime here are some things that we will post right away.......to get the ball rolling:

1. "Wildlife Crossing" taken from the driver's seat while coming home, only a half mile up Knapp Road, went Viral on Facebook is now our top seller. Available in 10x22 matted (and matted & framed) print. Email us for pricing, and to order.

2. As previously announced, Keukaview Photography is now on Facebook. Check us out and  BECOME A FAN ! New images, offers, and announcements will appear there first.

3. Our "Four Seasons of Keuka" went viral on Facebook a couple of weeks ago........with over 300 "shares" and 23,000 views! Shot from our deck on Knapp Rd., these images are now available separately as beautiful canvas panoramics or 10x22 matted and framed, and as a group, 18 x 24 framed or 11x15 matted, unframed.

Until our web order system is upgraded, the best way to order these is by email: sknapp@keukaview.com.

4. We also have the same options for "Four Seasons of Canandaigua", with shots taken from Country Rt. 21 North of Naples. Because of the image cropping the framed and matted sizes for these are slightly different from those of Keuka.

5. We're continuing to photograph the Keuka Lake shoreline from our boat, to produce beautiful Customized Keuka Shoreline Panoramics on Canvas. We have completed our fall shootings of both sides of the East Branch and the west (and much of the east) side of the South Branch. Next fall we will shoot the West Branch.

Our goal is to shoot the entire Keuka shoreline, so that panoramics can be produced with anyone's home or cottage in the center (like the one we did for The Olney Place On Keuka, shown here ). Prints of individual homes and cottages will also be available. Eventually there will be an index to shoreline locations, by Township, here on the web (our big "winter project".)

These panoramics make wonderful gifts......to be placed in either your Keuka or winter homes.......ot both! If you are interested in purchasing one of these, for yourself or as a gift, please refer to our Keuka Shoreline Panoramics Flyer, and let us know by email. We will see if we already have the makings of one...and if not, we will put you on the list for next season's "boat shoots."

Examples of shoreline panoramics are being posted in an album on Facebook.  


6. Want to give a Keukaview print , canvas or shoreline panoramicto someone for Christmas......but dont know what they would like?

We now have Gift Certificates.........so they can choose their own gift. Until our web order processing system is revised, please order these by email (sknapp@keukaview.com).

7. You may now purchase prints and gift certificates with a Visa or Mastercard. To do so contact me by email to place the order first, then you can call me with your CC number. Please do not send your CC number by email.

8. We are diversifying our portfolio to include more Animals, Travel Photograpny (beyond the Finger Lakes) and what we're calling "Art Photography", including some "Water Spider Art" we shot recently in Eggleston's Glen.

9. A recent vist to Niagara Falls yielded some wonderful photo ops. Take a look at these and let us know what you think. We will have a slide show of these posted soon.

10. We are in the process of opening a new Dog Sitting and Boarding Business. Here is our first flyer.

If you're in the vicinity of Knapp Road, Barrington, please do stop and see us, our dogs, our basement gallery, and, of course OUR VIEW......the best, we think, in the Finger Lakes. You can drive down Knapp Rd. anytime, of course, and see the view from the road. If you want to visit us, give us a call at 607-243-7213. We're here most of the time. Be prepared for a warm, barking welcome from Brutus, Quesadilla, and JJ.

Here's where we are.





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